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IAR extends design and code generation tool Visual State with Java and C#

IAR Systems has launched version 10.1 of the graphical modeling tool IAR Visual State. The new version extends the code generation to include Java and C# in addition to C and C++.

The design and code generation tool IAR Visual State is based on state machines and helps developers bring order to their designs and speed up their projects. IAR Visual State generates very compact code that is compliant with the MISRA C/C++ coding standards. In addition, documentation is generated.

The ability to now graphically develop Java/C# applications in the same environment as C/C++ applications dramatically reduces the risk of accidentally creating differences in functions and simplifies maintenance when developing systems containing both embedded and mobile/PC applications. Simulation and validation can be performed simultaneously for the different variants of the application, which ensures code quality and simplifies project management.

With IAR Visual State, developers can speed up time to prototype and shorten time to market. For efficient teamwork, smart features for organizing and modularizing the design is available. The tool is integrated with the complete C/C++ compiler and debugger toolchain IAR Embedded Workbench, enabling developers to debug on hardware with graphical animation, set breakpoints at state-machine level and trace and log functionality.

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