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IAR has the answer to runtime code analysis

At Embedded World IAR Systems showed off its C-RUN runtime analysis tools that it claims will give developers several ways to analyze their code at an early step in the design process and improve development workflow quickly.

Anders Holmberg, Product Manager for C-RUN, IAR Systems claims the company is the first embedded tools supplier to introduce fully integrated runtime analysis.

The tight integration with the rest of the IAR toolchain supports the full cycle of implementation, testing and debugging.He said this allows the user to check code quality very early in the development cycle and ensure more reliable code as well as to improve alignment with requirements and standards.

In additon to being able to monitor the application execution, Holmberg claimed developers can discover vulnerabilities very early and more easily catch errors that usually show up in the field. Also, he said, memory requirements and execution speed penalty are reduced to a minimum, enabling more efficient testing on actual hardware.

Company developers, he said, designed C-RUN with flexible settings to enable single or multiple checks in each test run and features bounds and heap checking to ensure accesses to arrays and other objects are within boundaries, as well as arithmetic checking to check values used in computations.

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