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IAR sets up development tools ecosystem

IAR Systems (Uppsala, Sweden) has set up a RTOS & Middleware Partner Program for IAR Embedded Workbench. The aim is to a comprehensive development tools ecosystem of RTOS and middleware products, all integrated with IAR Embedded Workbench.

“We recognize that embedded developers really appreciate when software solutions have been pre-integrated and fully tested,” said Stefan Skarin, CEO IAR Systems. “We don't think that 'one solution fits all' so we are working very closely with our selected RTOS partners to ensure a high level of technical integration into IAR Embedded Workbench.

This technical integration ensures everything is ready from the port to IAR Embedded Workbench, the RTOS-aware debugging, example projects prepared, and all information about integrated products.

Current companies have been selected for the program are: CMX, eForce, Express Logic, FreeRTOS, Micrium, Micro Digital, Quadros, Sciopta, SEGGER and Wittenstein. More partners may be added in the future.

IAR recognizes that the choice of RTOS and middleware is very dependent on the embedded system being designed. Some of IAR Systems' customers develop safety critical applications requiring an RTOS that compiles with high integrity standards while for others it is the ability to support external communication such as TCP/IP and USB, or a very small memory footprint that are the important criteria.

The IAR RTOS & Middleware Partner Program has been designed to meet these customer requirements, and to simplify the usage of RTOS and middleware in embedded systems.

“Many of our customers use IAR Embedded Workbench for their ThreadX RTOS-based designs,” said William E. Lamie, CEO of Express Logic Inc. “We are pleased to join with IAR Systems in this new partner program which promises to deliver even greater value for our common customers.”

Jean Labrosse, president and CEO of Micrium added, “We have considered IAR Systems an important partner for more than 10 years. The new IAR RTOS Partner Program is an extension of what is already a great relationship between our two companies.”

“From my perspective embedded developers need suppliers to collaborate and provide solutions which they can rely on. This initiative to build a broad spectrum of partners for IAR tools is a really positive step for developers.” said David Brook, Head of Sales & Marketing, Wittenstein.

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