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IAR Workbench supports Renesas RX ABI

Uppsala, Sweden – IAR Embedded Workbench now supports the Renesas RX Application Binary Interface (ABI), allowing compatibility with other tool chains for the Renesas RX family. Component-based application development is simplified when compiler barriers are brought down to allow software re-use, saving both development time and project costs, according to a recent announcement from IAR Systems.

Software compiled with any tool chain compliant with the Renesas RX ABI is now linkable by IAR Embedded Workbench. For example, libraries and modules such as hardware drivers and middleware originally developed for the Renesas proprietary tools can be reused by IAR Embedded Workbench without costly and time-consuming porting efforts.

For the developer this means that the optimization advantages of IAR Embedded Workbench can be fully exploited while benefiting from third party software originally developed for another tool chain. Recent benchmarks for RX compilers show the advantage of IAR Embedded Workbench for RX for generating efficient software with small memory footprint. The benchmark test results are available at www.iar.com/ewrx/benchmarks.

More information on IAR Embedded Workbench for RX can be found here: www.iar.com/ewrx.

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