IBM exec to chair technology strategy body -

IBM exec to chair technology strategy body

LONDON — Graham Spittle, director of IBM's Hursley Laboratory, has been appointed as the first chair of the Technology Strategy Board which will guide technology strategy across Government, as set out in the ten year framework for science and innovation published in July 2004.

It will be independent of government and business led and hopes to be well informed by working with both science and business sectors to provide guidance in setting funding priorities.

The Board will develop the government's technology strategy, to which £320 million has been allocated over the period 2005-2008, and will identify key technology areas for funding.

Funding will be delivered through regular competitions using two of the new business support products: Collaborative Research and Development and Knowledge Transfer Networks.

Spittle said, “This represents a real opportunity to have direct input into development of the UK science and innovation strategy as well as government support for technology.”

The appointment is for a fixed term of two years and the remaining board members will be appointed over the next month, with the first meeting expected around the end of October.

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