Icera - Motorola sign license for multimode HSDPA protocol stack -

Icera – Motorola sign license for multimode HSDPA protocol stack

LONDON — Icera Inc., has extended its license agreement with Motorola which provides it with full rights to distribute and further develop the Motorola TTPCom cellular 2G/3G/HSDPA protocol stack.

The new agreement provides Icera (Bristol, England) with the right to distribute the stack software to customers as an integrated part of all of its products, including its Espresso cellular WWAN mini card platform solutions. The new license also covers support services to Icera for a defined period of time.

Icera has licensed the Motorola TTPCom 2G/3G/HSDPA protocol stack since late 2004 and the technology is being shipped by on its Livanto silicon devices that are in commercial products. The technology has been proven in over 100 million handsets shipped worldwide, including full dual mode 2G/3G devices shipping on major cellular operator networks.

“This new deal helps ensure that we can distribute the stack directly as an integral part of Icera’s solutions and can develop it to meet future market requirements,” said Stan Boland, president & CEO of Icera.

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