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Icon Labs expands Floodgate product family for embedded security


Icon Labs has added three new products to their embedded security portfolio targeting government, military, industrial, medical and the Internet of Things sectors. The product family includes:

  • Floodgate Defender Software provides protection for endpoint devices. It prevents malicious probes, blocks unauthorized access, closes unused protocols and ports, and protects against Denial of Service (DoS) attacks.
  • Floodgate Agent Software enables device and security management with communications to network and security management systems.
  • Floodgate Aware Software provides situational awareness for endpoint devices and enables SIEM integration with a wide range of existing network security and management systems.

All three software solutions run natively on an end point device. For legacy devices already installed and functioning, the Floodgate Software can run on Icon’s standalone appliance, a compact, self-contained device that functions as a “bump in the wire” to create a secure enclave of protected devices. As needed, ruggedized versions of the hardware platform and package can be utilized for specialized environments.

Specifically designed for RTOS-based systems and integrated with the RTOS, Floodgate Aware enables companies building new devices to include security and situational awareness as a capability of the device. The security agent provides integration with security management and SIEM systems. Situational awareness enables visibility of device attributes and status.

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