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Icon Labs launches first embedded firewall for Smart Home devices


Icon Labs claims that its new security product, Floodgate at Home, is the industry’s first software firewall that protects connected Smart Home devices from Internet-based attacks by blocking unauthorized access and protecting against automated hacking drones.

The new software features the Icon Labs suite of security products that provides device protection, management, and incident reporting to home users and service providers via a secure web page. The OEM software product is designed to be licensed and embedded by manufacturers of Smart Home IoT devices.

Manufacturers can embed Floodgate in processor and communication chips found in Smart Home devices like thermostats, window alarms, temperature sensors, home health sensors, etc. Once the device is connected to the web, the end user, home system integrator or service provider sets up the security arrangement, limiting access to a few specific people, phone numbers, or the IP address of a specific laptop or tablet.

Floodgate at Home can be used with Embedded Linux, INTEGRITY, VelOSity, VxWorks, LynxOS, MQX, eCos, or devices without an operating system.

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