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Icron’s USB extenders available through Amplicon in UK


LONDON — Amplicon has been appointed as the UK’s sole distributor for Icron Technologies’ range of high-performance USB extenders which are designed to extend USB links by up to 500m.

These plug-and-play product ranges are the only extenders so far to have been approved by the USB-IF (USB Implementers Forum). David Evans, data communications group product manager at Amplicon, said, “These exceptional products occupy a unique space in the market at present. Our first substantial stock order was sold before it arrived in the UK.”

As the UK’s stocking distributor, Amplicon is inviting qualified, high-profile resellers to become part of the supply chain by providing attractive discounts as well as sales and marketing support.

Both ranges can use Cat5, Cat 5e or Cat 6 cabling, enabling readily available, cheap Ethernet cable to be used, including network cabling already installed in buildings.

The USB Rover series of products are low-cost, self-powered, general-purpose extenders suitable for most link extension applications up to 50m. This range is designed mainly for home and office environments.

The USB Ranger series of products have a more rugged construction and a metal enclosure that makes them more suitable for industrial use. The Ranger series will usually require its own dedicated power supply because of its extended range of 100m over Cat 5/6cabling. A fibre version with MTRJ connectors permits links up to 500m.

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