IET, JANET work to share research via web streaming -

IET, JANET work to share research via web streaming

LONDON — The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) is collaborating with JANET, the U.K.’s national network for research and education, to enable academic institutions to web stream important research seminars, conferences and lectures, via, the institution’s web streaming service.

Users will be able to access the Research Seminar channel on via the JANET network, which connects education and research institutions across the U.K. – including schools, FE colleges, Universities and large research institutions). JANET also provides ongoing connectivity to other national education and research networks (NRENs) across the globe via the pan-European GEANT network and the global internet.

The research channel initiative (on, provides users with the ability to create live and on-demand video presentations that can be uploaded on to the internet and distributed to a global audience. Eleven universities are already using the service following the beta trial and now the research seminar channel will be rolled out to all universities.

The JANET network, with its capacity for real-time data transfer, empowers research projects in a variety of fields and has an infrastructure capable of meeting the explosion of data predicted by research communities.

Users can host their own webcast with video footage synchronised to any media e.g. PowerPoint slides, Flash or Excel spreadsheets, allowing viewers to see the slides transition as the speaker changes them.

An additional feature is the distribution of video and synchronised media across a timeline, which allows the viewer to fast-forward or re-wind to any point in time within the presentation, offering an enhanced user experience.

Viewers who tune in to a live webcast can put forward their views via the Q&A forum facility and interact with other viewers and the speaker.

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