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IGG launches obsolescence monitoring service


LONDON — IGG Component Technology Ltd has introduced the 'ObsServe' component monitoring service, designed to cut costs by identifying 100 percent of components at risk of obsolescence and recommending the best solution, without the need to engage with multiple bill of materials (BOM) monitoring tools.

The ObsServe process starts with a thorough ‘cleansing’ of the BOM. This involves a line-by-line review to match the component description and nomenclature to the reference databases. Once the BOM is matched to the databases, a check is made to identify the components at risk of obsolescence.

Using Apollo voting (Boolean Logic), components are classified under three color-coded categories according to the obsolescence risk. Red indicates that the part is subject to an existing product change notification (PCN) or last time buy (LTB) alert, or has already been made obsolete by the manufacturer. Amber signifies restricted availability or the risk of obsolescence in the near future. Green means that the part will continue to be available, though its future lifespan could be as short as three months in the case of commercial parts.

Once the component classification is complete, IGG identifies the most appropriate solution for each component which is found to be as risk. This may involve using alternative parts, sourcing parts using innovative solutions, the sourcing and assembly of die-banked material, upscreening (upgrading) of a near equivalent component, reverse engineering of the component, or the emulation or re-packaging of die into the required footprint and format.

“Obsolescence is a continuous cycle of decay, so obsolescence management has to be an ongoing process,” said Lloyd Francis, aerospace and defense manager at IGG.

It has been estimated that electronic components are now becoming obsolete at a rate of over 13,000 per month. The market share for military and aerospace grades, which traditionally had long life-cycles, has shrunk from 9 percent of the overall electronics market in 1984 to as little as 0.3 percent in 2007.

IGG Component Technology (Fareham, England) has a U.S, subsidiary is located in Philadelphia and provides high reliability electronic components and related services for space, defense, aviation and other harsh environment applications where reliability is critical. These services include parts procurement management, laboratory services, training and consultancy and solutions to the growing problems of obsolescence.

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