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Ikalogic builds first wifi oscilloscope probe


In late 2017, Ikalogic created the very first wifi based oscilloscope probe: IkaScope WS200. With just over 30MHz bandwidth and 200MHz sampling rate, the WS200 is not designed to compete with high-end benchtop oscilloscopes. However, it is a highly ergonomic tool that can provide quick and reliable diagnostic in many on-the-field applications.

Ikalogic introduced a new (patented) concept called ProbeClick , which allows the probe tip to sense pressure and start/stop a measurement automatically. This feature also allows battery life savings, as the power consuming circuity only operates when the probe tip is pressed and being used to transmit a signal.

Isolated measurements give IkaScope another advantage over traditional oscilloscopes. Even when the USB is plugged in to recharge its 420 mAH battery, an integrated transformer guarantees isolation from the USB’s ground. This avoids ground loops to occur and protects both the measured device as well as the oscilloscope.

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