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Ikalogic launches SP209 logic analyzers


Ikalogic launch a new series of test instruments: the SP209 is a 9 channel, 200MHz logic analyzer that fills many gaps with existing products on the market. SP209 series aims at making it easy to analyze CMOS logic signals and industrial buses alike. Indeed, SP209 integrates specialized receivers for most common industrial busses like RS485, RS232 or CAN.

SP209 Logic Analyzers provide 200MHz sampling rate, but unlike many competitor’s solutions, SP209 allows the user to use all 9 channels at the maximum sampling rate. No more trade-offs between the number of active channels and the sampling rate. This is possible thanks to an embedded 2Gb memory that buffers the captured signals before sending them to the computer to be displayed.

Another important advantage is the Trigger IN and Trigger OUT SMA connectors that allows a user to synchronize SP209 to other lab equipment, eventually building a highly sophisticated test setup. This latest series of logic analyzers offer state mode operation with an external clock up to 50MHz and comes with a state-of-the-art software that provides in-depth analysis and protocol decoding features. The SP209 series comes in two versions, a standard version and an industrial version.

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