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Ikalogic wants to lead the way in T&M ergonomics


Three years ago, Ikalogic undertook an exciting change in company strategy, focusing mainly on the ergonomics of test & measurement instruments and setting a clear goal: Lead the way and set new standards to T&M ergonomics.  “How comes an oscilloscope’s interface almost didn’t change in 5 decades?” is the question that kept pushing Ikalogic team to bring better UX (user experience) to this industry.

Over the last years, Ikalogic worked hand in hand with Ergonomics Experts to enhance current instruments. Ikalogic started by focusing on two main product families: Logic analyzers and oscilloscopes.

A new logic analyzer software solution – ScanaStudio V3 – was designed from the ground up with one clear goal: be as intuitive as a software can get. At the same time the user interface had to keep up with ever evolving features without becoming cluttered. That’s a challenge that required thorough study of products and features roadmap. This is what Ikalogic calls being future proof, and they consider this a prerequisite for keeping their promise of enhanced user experience.

Pushing ergonomics to the highest standards meant having a wireless, light-weight oscilloscope probe. No cables getting tangled, no ground loops to worry about, and above all, no degradation in performance due to miniaturization. The challenging process of building that instrument led to patent filing and the creation of IkaScope: A probe that connects to a smartphone or a PC via wifi to display measured signals. Enhancing ergonomics didn’t only mean going wireless, of course. Ikalogic packed IkaScope with simple but very effective features, like the intelligent probe tip that replaces both the power switch and RUN/STOP button in a traditional oscilloscope.

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