Image sensor, SoC sensor deliver high quality in a 0.25-in. optical format -

Image sensor, SoC sensor deliver high quality in a 0.25-in. optical format

A suite of 0.25-in. optical format, 1.3-Mpixel imaging solutions are designed to directly replace existing 0.25-in. VGA image sensors and 0.25-in. VGA systems-on-chip (SoC) image sensors in camera-enabled mobile phones. Developed by Cypress Semiconductor, these low-cost solutions enable mobile device makers to upgrade their offerings while maintaining the same optical format and form factor. The result is a lower bill-of-materials.

The CYIWOSC1300AA sensor and CYIWCSC1300AA SoC image sensor are manufactured on a 0.13-micron CMOS process optimized specifically for image sensors. The sensors take advantage of a high fill-factor pixel architecture to improve light sensitivity without sacrificing image quality. The pixel architecture also eliminates the need for microlenses.

The sensor features a frame rate of more than 15 frames/s at full resolution and image windowing to any size, while sustaining smooth, continuous video preview at reduced power consumption. The sensor acts as a master in a system, accepting commands from a two-wire serial interface and delivering Bayer-patterned RGB images or video-like streams through a 10-bit parallel data interface. Pricing for both devices is expected to be below $3.00 each, in large volumes. More information is available at

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