Imagination NNA powers UNISOC 5G smartphone chips -

Imagination NNA powers UNISOC 5G smartphone chips

Imagination Technologies Series3NX neural network accelerator (NNA) is being used for advanced AI in UNISOC Tanggula T770 and T760 5G smartphone chips.


Imagination Technologies said that fabless semiconductor company UNISOC is using its Series3NX neural network accelerator (NNA) IP in the new Tanggula T770 and T760 5G smartphone chips. This is part of an ongoing collaboration over several years between the two companies in AI and graphics processing.

UNISOC T770 5G smartphone chip
The T770 5G smartphone chip. (Source: UNISOC)

UNISOC’s Tanggula T770 and T760 systems on chip (SoCs) use Imagination’s PowerVR AX3596 NNA core to deliver advanced AI capabilities. According to the specifications from UNISOC, the T770 supports a 108 million pixel high-definition camera, super image resolution power, high-performance dual-channel MIPI, and 120 frames high refresh rate, ‘making multimedia and game experience smoother’. Imagination said the scalability of Imagination’s Series3NX NNA IP enables SoC manufacturers to optimize compute power and performance across a range of embedded markets such as automotive, camera, mobile and IoT edge devices.

Compared to its predecessor, the Series3NX implements architectural enhancements like lossless weight compression, improving performance by 40% in the same silicon area over the previous generation, and helping SoC manufacturers have a nearly 60% improvement in performance efficiency and a 35% reduction in bandwidth. Series3NX supports both single core and multi-core designs. The smallest Series3NX single core is smaller than a pinhead but has a performance of up to 0.6 tera operations per second (TOPS). The compute power of largest single core reaches up to 10TOPS.

The AX3596 core used by UNISOC is its highest performance single core product. The multi-core design can scale to up to 160 TOPS, enough for demanding advanced driving assistance system (ADAS) applications.

Eric Zhou, SVP at UNISOC, commented, “The cooperation between UNISOC and Imagination has a long history. The integration of Imagination’s Series3NX NNA technology into the Tanggula T770 and T760 is another significant milestone of cooperation between the two parties. We look forward to more strategic cooperation with Imagination in the future, to jointly drive the rapid intelligent upgrade for mobile, consumer electronics, IoT, industry and other fields.”

Adding Imagination Technologies’ perspective, the company’s chief product officer, Chris Porthouse, said, “As a leading global supplier of core chipsets in mobile communications and the IoT, UNISOC is showing its determination to innovate to the whole industry, and the latest Tanggula T770 and T760 5G smartphone platforms are proof of that. Congratulations to UNISOC on the launch of T770 and T760 SoC, which follow the Tanggula T740. We are pleased that our neural network acceleration cores can enable these three SoCs to achieve the most efficient AI performance.”

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