Implementation of LEACH protocol in WSN nodes using PSoC -

Implementation of LEACH protocol in WSN nodes using PSoC

In the past few years, the field of wireless sensor networks has become a key area of research. Sensor networks find applications in several military as well as civilian domains. The field of wireless sensor network is receiving a lot of attention, and is evolving very fast.

The aim of our work is to make these nodes as energy-efficient as possible and rely on their large numbers to obtain high quality results. Sensor networks have attracted wide attention over the years due to their utility in monitoring a wide variety of physical phenomena, often remotely. A wireless sensor network consists of spatially distributed sensor nodes to monitor physical or environmental condition such as temperature, humidity etc.

This project focuses on reducing the power consumption and increase overall life of a wireless sensor networks. Therefore, first energy efficient routing protocol named LEACH (Low-Energy Adaptive Clustering Hierarchy) has been used.

The nodes communicate among themselves using a specified wireless routing protocol. Therefore we have taken a developed the economical wireless sensor node which contain the advantages of the CYRF7936 CyFi transceiver, a radio IC designed for low power embedded wireless applications.

Combined with the 8051-based PSoC1 and a CyFi network protocol stack, CYRF7936 can be used to implement a complete CyFi wireless system. Network protocols must be used to achieve fault tolerance in the presence of individual node failure while minimizing energy consumption.

Eventually, the data being sensed by the nodes in the network must be transmitted to a control center or base station, where the end-user can access the data. There are many possible models for these sensor networks. Thus, communication between the sensor nodes and the base station is expensive, and there are no “high energy” nodes through which communication can proceed. So nodes communicate among themselves using a specified protocol.

A few such nodes have been used to build a sensor network and functionality has been tested with LEACH protocol.

To read this external content in full, download the complete paper from the open online archives at Enhanced Research Publications in Haryana, India. 

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