Improved application development package helps build FPGA-based computers -

Improved application development package helps build FPGA-based computers

Cumbernaud, UK—DIMEtalk 3, the latest version of Nallatech Inc.’s application development environment for FPGA-based computing, is said to build on the ease-of-use qualities of previous versions. Among the improvements are an enhanced drag-and-drop graphical user interface (GUI), an extended component library, support for industry-leading third-party tools, and an integral C-to-VHDL function generator.

The enhanced GUI automates the configuration of system-level communications among algorithm blocks, memory, and I/O interfaces. At the same time, the new version retains its predecessor’s support for direct node-to-node transfers, asynchronous bridges, and interface node enabling for the Xilinx Microblaze processor.

For its part, DIMEtalk 3’s extended component library lets you quickly implement complex hardware functions, such as interfaces to high-bandwidth external memories. Other components, like bridges to Xilinx’s Rocket I/O blocks, make full use of an FPGA’s unique architectural features.

Accommodating application requirements, individual design skills, and personal perferences, DIMEtalk 3’s open interface lets you add third-party tools, including compilers, C-to-FPGA and algorithm-based design flows, GUIs, and hardware description languages like VHDL.

Available starting in mid-October, DIMEtalk 3 carries a $4,995 price for a standard license. Multiuser discounts are available.

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