IMU uses activity recognition to reduce power consumption -

IMU uses activity recognition to reduce power consumption

Bosch Sensortec extends its BMI260 family of inertial measurement units (IMUs) with the launch of the BMI270 ultra-low-power smart IMU for wearable applications. Unveiled at CES 2019, the new IMU delivers an improved accelerometer offset and sensitivity performance thanks to Bosch’s newest MEMS process technology.

Featuring an automotive-proven gyroscope technology, the BMI270 provides intuitive gesture, context, and activity recognition with an integrated plug-and-play step counter, which is optimized for accurate step counting in wrist-worn devices, said Bosch Sensortec. Other applications include hearables, smart clothes, smart shoes, smart glasses, and ankle bands.

The BMI270 extends system battery life by handling multiple activity tracking, step counting, and gesture-recognition functions independently of the main system processor without having to wake it up. A few examples of these functions include sending an interrupt when a certain number of steps is reached or geofencing to activate GPS when the user stands up and starts walking.

This means that gesture and activity recognition features operate in ultra-low-power mode, with current consumption of only 30 μA, resulting in extended battery charging intervals for the user.

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