In the latest print issue of EE Times Europe -

In the latest print issue of EE Times Europe

Here are a selection of news stories published in the latest print issue of EE TImes Europe.

Here are a selection of articles that appeared in the latest EE Times Europe print edition: December 10, 2007, – January 13, 2008. Click on the headline to see the full story.

Euro PCB production flees to the niches

While China has emerged as the superpower in terms of electronics production, Europe is far from being on the ropes. The recipe for survival is innovation, flexibility and a sophisticated supply chain management, experts say.

ARC configures a design flow for system-on-chip

Configurable cores and subsystems developer ARC International (St. Albans, England) has developed and is refining a systems development platform that it says will change the way mobile multimedia systems are being designed.

U.K. component sales continue to fall

The total available market (TAM) for electronic components in the U.K. is predicted to have declined by 8 percent in 2007 and the distributors share (DTAM) will have declined by 6 percent according to the latest forecast from the U.K.’s Association of Franchised Distributors of Electronic Components (AFDEC).

Building an ecosystem for open-source hardware

Open-source hardware is not a novel concept. Because it was seen as a disruptive technology that could build the type of collaboration that Linux brought to the software world, a host of promising initiatives have emerged with the goal of fostering an ecosystem of freely available, usable and reusable open hardware. Years have passed, and the need for viable business models remains.

Mini teardown: lessons of a video server

When startup Edgeware AB (Stockholm, Sweden) announced three years ago that it would use flash memory in its carrier-grade video servers to enable a compact design, competitors and industry observers expressed skepticism, saying it would be too expensive for a system that required between 128-Gbytes and 3-Tbytes of NAND memory.

Uncommon Market: U.K. chip making under the hammer

The next few months will see some significant changes in what remains of the United Kingdom’s chip manufacturing sector, and they are not likely to be positive.

Other news stories in this issue:

Fabless organization changes name, role

Solid-state emitter could provide alternative to X-ray

For Sweden’s planners, visualization’s the real deal

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