Industrial IoT spurring MEMS growth -

Industrial IoT spurring MEMS growth


ORLANDO, Fla. — Consumer applications of MEMS get the most newspaper ink today, but industrial applications are also growing at a fast rate. Today, new categories of industrial Internet of Things (IoT) products using microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) are being defined — from asset-tracking systems to smart grids to smart building automation — and they will have a large market impact.

“I believe in the next decade the shipment and revenue for MEMS in consumer applications will continue to vastly exceed the MEMS market for industrial IoT,” Jeremie Bouchaud, director and senior principal snalyst for MEMS and sensors at HIS, told us. “IHS predicts that the MEMS market for consumer and mobile applications in 2018 will amount $5.7 billion, much more than the additional revenue for MEMs generated by IoT in industrial applications, $334 million.”

All the big MEMS players — STMicroelectronics, Bosch, Knowles, and InvenSense — are targeting industrial IoT applications as a growing area. Traditional industrial MEMS applications include navigation, seismic surveying, medical, military, aerospace, and process control, but a new range of industrial applications, from smart meters to smart homes to smart cities, is growing at a faster rate.

In all, IHS predicts the worldwide market for MEMS in the industrial IoT will rise from 1.8 billion units in 2013 to 7.3 billion units by 2025, including freestanding nodes, controllers, and infrastructure uses in a range of applications from smart cards to commercial transport to industrial automation to lighting and medical/health.

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