Infineon acquires Merus Audio -

Infineon acquires Merus Audio

Infineon Technologies announces the acquisition of Merus Audio. The Copenhagen-based start-up creates energy-efficient integrated audio amplifier solutions. They maximize audio performance and battery playback time for smart home and battery-powered speakers while minimizing heat and design space. After the integration of Merus Audio, Infineon will be able to offer its customers a comprehensive and leading-edge Class-D Audio amplifier portfolio addressing the most demanding applications. The technology complements Infineon’s existing PowIRAudio product line for power levels below ~70 Watt.

The fast growing segment of battery-powered smart speakers will benefit especially from the patented technology, which combines extended playback time and smaller designs with improved audio performance. Importance of quality of sound increases for smart speaker users, as listening to music becomes more popular with these devices. Being based on the so called cascading converter technology, the Merus Audio solution allows to reduce the total harmonic distortion and noise.

In line with Infineon’s strategic approach “From Product to System”, Merus Audio technology adds another piece to Infineon’s expertise in Human-Machine Interaction. Today, Infineon’s capabilities enable for instance more accurate speech recognition building upon Infineon’s sensor fusion expertise and using radar and silicon microphone technology.

The start-up will be fully integrated into Infineon’s existing audio business and becomes part of the Power Management & Multimarket Division.

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