Infineon buys Qimonda Dresden assets -

Infineon buys Qimonda Dresden assets


Real estate and manufacturing facilities owned by Qimonda Dresden GmbH & Co. have been sold to Infineon Technologies Dresden GmbH by the insolvency administrator managing Qimonda's assets.

The real estate borders directly on the Infineon premises in Dresden, Germany and the €100.6 million (about $144 million) purchase covers cleanroom and manufacturing facilities as well as 300mm manufacturing equipment. The insolvency administrator had kept the cleanroom facilities operational after the insolvency proceedings were opened.

The purchase is part of Infineon’s strategic capacity expansion and the company says it will form an important basis for potential volume production of 300mm power semiconductors.

Infineon Technologies AG is currently working on a development project to assess the use of 300mm wafers for manufacturing power semiconductors on thin wafer technology. A pilot line has been set-up at the company’s site in Villach, Austria and some of the equipment from Qimonda will be used for completion of the pilot line in Villach.

Infineon says it will decide about the start and the location of a 300mm volume production during the current fiscal year.

This purchase is part of the increase by Infineon of its capital expenditure budget for the 2011 fiscal year from approximately €700 million (about $1003 million) to €850 million (about $1218 million) . In the 2010 fiscal year, its capital expenditure was €325 million (about $466 million). The company defines capital expenditures as expenditures in property, plant and equipment, and intangible assets including capitalized research and development costs.

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