Infineon expands U.S.-based IoT security research and development programs -

Infineon expands U.S.-based IoT security research and development programs


With a global need to reinforce the security of connected devices that are designed to work without regular human interaction as part of the Internet of Things, Infineon Technologies announced a new development initiative in Silicon Valley and a corporate partnership with the CyLab Security and Privacy Institute at Carnegie Mellon University.

The new Security Research Group, part of the company’s Silicon Valley Innovation Center (SVIC) in Milpitas, California, will help to identify and address requirements for robust, reliable security solutions that users can trust. In its new partnership with Carnegie Mellon, Infineon is a founding sponsor of CyLab’s recently launched “Secure and Private IoT Initiative.”

The Security Research Group will focus on next-generation security solutions that deliver ease of use and interoperability to serve a wide range of applications and emerging use cases for all connected devices. This ranges from innovations in smart cards, identity documents and computer security, to methods for securing connected devices used in smart homes, Industry 4.0, smart cities and autonomous transportation. The group will complement existing SVIC teams now working on key projects for the automotive and artificial intelligence markets.

Infineon’s three-year strategic partnership with the CyLab Security and Privacy Institute at Carnegie Mellon reflects the value of collaboration in addressing security in the digital age. CyLab, one of the largest university-based cybersecurity research and education centers in the world, launched its “Secure and Private IoT Initiative” as a multi-year project that aims to develop novel software, tools, methods and models to protect networks and devices. The initiative addresses risks associated with attacks on the electronic systems that comprise the IoT, which can expose confidential information such as know-how, intellectual property, customer data and process intelligence. Such attacks also can interrupt operations, compromise business continuity and even endanger a company’s brand image, success and very existence.

One focus area of the Secure and Private IoT initiative will target large, city-scale IoT ecosystems that have heterogeneous, long-lived devices mixed with new infrastructure. Additionally, prototypes will be tested in a living lab that is reflective of system-wide and cross-layer challenges and industry vetted for realism. Further information is available here.

The work with CyLab is one of several Infineon collaborations in strategic research initiatives with US partners. Others include projects with the U.S. Department of Energy’s Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E) and North Carolina State University’s PowerAmerica Institute.

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