Infineon launches TLE985x embedded power series for automotive applications -

Infineon launches TLE985x embedded power series for automotive applications


At this year’s embedded world, Infineon Technologies is launching a new family of Embedded Power ICs. The TLE985x series provides highly integrated, AEC Q-100 qualified H-bridge driver motor control solutions for 2-phase DC and single-phase brushless DC motors. It will support automotive customers in replacing relays in low-end motor control applications such as sunroof and window lift.

By switching from relays to MOSFETs, the higher level of integration reduces system costs. Additional advantages are that the PWM control and the integrated current sense amplifier, which is calibrated, allow the motor currents to be adapted and thus the mechanics and motor to be optimized towards the application requirements. The circuit board and the motor become smaller. At the same time, the noise behavior improves.

TLE985x devices integrate an ARM Cortex-M0 processor and peripherals for motor control, power supply and communication. Two integrated measurement units (ADCs) for monitoring temperature, battery voltage and four monitoring inputs help to save pins. These inputs can be operated directly with battery voltage, which saves costs on additional components such as external voltage dividers or shutdown transistors. Furthermore, the chips are equipped with two full duplex serial interfaces (UART) with LIN support.

A new feature in the TLE985x family is its adaptive MOSFET driver. The control algorithm is able to compensate MOSFET parameter spread in the system by automatically adjusting the gate current according to required switching times. This allows an optimization of the system concerning EME (electro-magnetic emissions, slow slew rates) as well as power dissipation (short dead times) simultaneously.

The product family includes five devices with different flash sizes (48 – 96KB) and temperature ranges (Tj up to 175°C). In addition, different numbers of half-bridge drivers for uni- or bidirectional DC motor applications are offered. All TLE985x products are based on the same hardware and software platform as Infineon’s other Embedded Power products (TLE984x, TLE986x and TLE987x), thus enabling design synergies and allowing customers to reuse parts of the software. The devices come in a leadless VQFN package with a footprint of 7×7 mm.

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