Infineon: tailored security solutions for the IoT -

Infineon: tailored security solutions for the IoT


The Internet of Things connects millions of devices from huge industrial machines to tiny remote sensors. Yet from one application to another, security requirements vary considerably. To develop customized solutions, Infineon Technologies has initiated the Infineon Security Partner Network (ISPN).

At this year’s electronica, ISPN members IKV, Mocana and Wibu-Systems will present their security solutions at the Infineon booth. Although addressing various markets and applications, all demonstrations are based on embedded security from Infineon.

Serviced apartments, corporate housing or holiday rentals – shared living services must be temporarily accessible. IKV’s Smart Lock with an Infineon OPTIGA Trust X Secure Element enables mutual authentication of provider and tenant and supports access control without the hassle involved in physically managing cards or keys. It enables secured identification with wearables via mobile devices based on state-of-the art encryption mechanisms.

Experience what happens if an industrial robot gets sabotaged – and how smoothly it works when protected by Mocana’s TrustPoint endpoint protection software and TrustCenter endpoint management services. Leveraging the OPTIGA Trusted Platform Module 2.0, Mocana defends industrial control systems from unauthorized updates and manipulative actions that could bring production to a halt and cause huge physical and financial damages.

In the age of Industrie 4.0, data has become a currency. A cocktail mixer associated with a data marketplace in the cloud will show electronica visitors how data, in this case recipes, can be monetized securely to meet customer-centric market demands. Wibu-Systems’ CodeMeter technology powered with Infineon’s SLM 97 security controller provides IP protection for software, firmware, and data throughout the complete supply chain and enables new business models for data commerce.

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