Initiative looks to meet military demands -

Initiative looks to meet military demands


LONDON — Curtiss-Wright Controls Embedded Computing has launched a initiative to develop and provide Trusted COTS enabling technologies for the deployed embedded market in response to the U.S. Department of Defense's (DoD) mandate that all critical military technologies and data be protected.

“Curtiss-Wright Controls has dedicated resources to identify and develop open architecture-compatible products and services for the rugged deployed COTS market,” said said Lynn Patterson, vice president and general manager of modular solutions, Curtiss-Wright Controls Embedded Computing. “Our approach will be to provide layers of protection by developing the intellectual property (IP) and partnership relationships with the key suppliers needed to build a comprehensive portfolio of enabling technologies that our customers can utilize in their protection plans”.

DoD directive DoDD 5200.39, Research and Technology Protection Procedures, declares that all military systems must provide protection of Critical Program Information (CPI). Curtiss-Wright says that while U.S. vendors, in response to the DoD's directive, have taken a leading role in the effort define CPI protection methodologies, numerous U.S. allies have similarly commenced initiatives to protect their own critical program information.

Under its Trusted COTS initiative, Curtiss-Wright Controls will develop standards, methodologies, tools and knowledge that will define improved engineering product design and development processes.

Curtiss-Wright Controls' MCOTS (Modified COTS) capabilities will provide a resource for partners that enables them to leverage investments in security-focused hardware and software components. Working with the MCOTS group, partners should more easily be able to customize and integrate security-focused solutions into trusted deployable products.

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