Innodisk: moving at full speed towards IoT integration at InnoTrans 2018 -

Innodisk: moving at full speed towards IoT integration at InnoTrans 2018

IoT in the transport sector is on track to grow four-fold in the years from 2015 to 2020. Innodisk will be at InnoTrans to showcase its products and solutions that readily tackle the many challenges of IoT and edge computing in the transport sector.

As IoT grows, computational power moves out to the vehicles, stations, harbors and the infrastructure where we move countless numbers of people and cargo every day. This means that devices at these locations have to handle the challenges of shifting weather conditions and environmental hazards. Furthermore, this data has to be properly protected, and the devices have to be ready to handle large data amounts. Lastly, as devices increase in number and are moving to ever more remote locations, the need for efficient management and maintenance become even more important than before.

Innodisk’s iCAP will provide you with a platform that links to all your connected devices, no matter where they are located. Being browser-based, it lets the operator evaluate the current status of every device and components. In doing so, it drastically simplifies maintenance planning while also lowering TCO.

For data storage, the industrial-grade 3D NAND and NVMe PCIe series provide small footprint and reliable performance. For memory, high-speed and rugged DRAM is available and the modules can be further strengthened with anti-sulfuration capabilities, side fill and conformal coating to safeguard from harsh environmental conditions. These memory and storage also include modules that can operate in wide temperature ranges (-40° to 85°C).

Ruggedized CANbus and Serial expansion cards secure stable communication with your platform and connected devices. Other than wide temperature specifications, these cards are also securely isolated from electrical interference and surges.

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