Innos invests in photolithography -

Innos invests in photolithography


SOUTHAMPTON, England — Innos has invested £5million to upgrade its photolithography capability, including purchase of the UK’s first JBX-9300FS electron-beam lithography system. The equipment, installed at its 1000sq m cleanroom in Southampton is part of the company’s strategy to provide a complete service to industry and academic institutions.

Roger Hockham, senior general sales manager at JEOL UK, said, “The JBX 9300FS installation at Innos is the first unit of its kind in the UK, and will enable the next generations of nano-electronic devices to be produced, also allowing nano-technological research to prosper in the correct environment.”

Electron-beam lithography uses a focused electron beam to write ultra fine patterns on semiconductor substrates covered by a resist material. The instruments are basically scanning electron microscopes designed for the extreme precision and stability required to write large and complex patterns with nanometer linewidths.

The JBX-9300FS system has a spot beam with a diameter of 4nm at 100kV, vector scan, and a step and repeat stage. It is capable of varying the beam size with a guaranteed minimum linewidth of less than 20nm with overlay and stitching accuracies of comparable dimensions.

Stephen Byars, CEO of Innos, said, “Even smaller linewidths down to 10nm have been reported to be possible with this tool. Therefore, highly complex patterns with very fine geometries can be written in appropriate e-beam sensitive resists on to wafers with diameters up to eight inches.”

Hockham, added, “The installation at Innos of the JBX 9300FS follows a number of successes in Europe recently as JEOL expands their Electron Beam Lithography tool business globally with equipment now sited in Japan, Asia, USA and Europe.”

The system is currently in the final stages of installation and commissioning at Innos and acceptance tests are due to be completed by the end of June 2004.

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