Innos offers help to access pump-priming funds -

Innos offers help to access pump-priming funds


LONDON — Innos is looking for academics with ideas that might be able to access pump-priming funding.

“Pump-priming is an extremely effective way of fine-tuning a concept or idea and ensuring its best potential is fulfilled before heading into a full project. There is an abundance of strong ideas from the academic world that aren’t given a clear route to market due to its culture of moving on to the next piece of research. We provide the tools and expertise needed to realise ideas and make that route available,” said Dr Alec Reader, sales, marketing and technology Director at Innos (Southampton, England).

Innos is able to provide academic researchers with a fabrication and consultancy service assisting in the formulation of a ‘proof of concept’, to strengthen a full proposal to the EPSRC for a subsequent grant for the project.

Applicants could take advantage of Innos’ expertise as well as full processing capabilities at the 2650sq m, class 100-10,000, Philips Microsystems Plaza (MiPlaza) R&D industrial research facility in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

Innos has already worked with academic institutions in the U.K. and Europe to provide a full fabrication service under pump-priming funding which have gone on to be awarded EPSRC grants. Recent projects include the manufacture of low cost high performance MOSFETs with the Universities of Southampton and Liverpool and novel strained-Si transistors with Imperial College London.

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