Innovasic Semiconductor : Communication controller offers complete EtherNet-IP solution -

Innovasic Semiconductor : Communication controller offers complete EtherNet-IP solution


Innovasic Semiconductor, a provider of extended life semiconductor solutions, has announced Module Evaluation Kits are shipping for the fido®1100 Communication Controller with a complete EtherNet/IP™ solution.

The kit contains a Dual Real-Time Ethernet (DRTE) module, baseboard, software, reference design, and all the cables required to evaluate the EtherNet/IP solution right out of the box. After simple, basic set-up, the module is ready to communicate on the network and with a host processor. The DRTE module contains a dual RJ45 connector with magnetics, 2 Ethernet PHYs, 2-port Ethernet Switch, fido®1100 Communication Controller, RAM, and ROM. For evaluation, the module plugs into the baseboard and communicates with a PC via USB. The PC hosts all the development software and tools to evaluate the DRTE module on an EtherNet/IP network.

As a node on an EtherNet/IP network, the DRTE module’s 2-port switch supports popular network topologies such as star and ring. An EtherNet/IP stack from Pyramid Solutions and a TCP/IP Protocol Suite from NexGen Software along with the fido1100 “RTOS Kernel in a Chip™”, enable robust and high availability communication. All stacks, software, and “RTOS Kernel in a Chip™” are royalty-free enabling the lowest production cost solution.

The module is industrial grade and can be mounted directly on another processor board or can be incorporated into a processor board using the reference design. A complete roadmap of Industrial Ethernet solutions is planned with unique capabilities offering enhanced system performance.

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Innovasic Semiconductor

Innovasic Semiconductor is focused on providing extended life semiconductor solutions for industrial, telecom, medical, automotive, and instrumentation applications. The company has established a world-class reputation for solving obsolescence problems by developing pin compatible integrated circuits that have been discontinued by the original manufacturer. In addition, Innovasic supplies extended life processors, peripherals and mixed-signal devices for use in the most demanding embedded communication and control applications. Extending the life of its customers’ products has made Innovasic a trusted partner and an approved supplier to leading electronic system manufacturers worldwide.

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