Insertion-loss test system aids PCB fabricators -

Insertion-loss test system aids PCB fabricators


The Atlas insertion-loss test system from Polar Instruments simplifies the measurement of insertion losses during the fabrication of multi-GHz PCBs.

It can be used as a standalone test system, or as part of Polar’s suite of tools for management of transmission-line losses from PCB design to fabrication.

With an increase in the number of PCBs supporting multi-GHz bus speeds, PCB fabricators must be able to measure and control transmission-line losses with confidence. Previously, managing lossy lines in high-speed PCBs meant using high-cost laminates and skilled engineers to test for insertion loss.

The Atlas system allows fabricators to achieve multi-GHz performance and make an intelligent choice of the most appropriate laminate for their application and enables accurate testing to be carried out, in seconds, by QA or production-line operators.

Atlas can be used as a standalone test system or in conjunction with other Polar tools for end-to-end lossy-line management, with loss modelling at the design stage using the Si9000e field solver; layer stack-up design and lossy-line field-solving with the Speedstack Si; coupon-generation with the CGen Si and testing during fabrication with the Atlas insertion-loss test system.

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