Inside Symbolic Debugging for the M68HC16 Microprocessors -

Inside Symbolic Debugging for the M68HC16 Microprocessors


The Motorola M68HC16 Microprocessor has a background mode serial port to facilitate accessing the processor during development or as access for production line testing or regular maintenance. Byte Craft Limited developed a Host Symbolic Debugging package during development of a C compiler for the M68HC16 which uses the background mode serial port. This talk covers two aspects of Symbolic Debugging on the M68HC16. The first part covers the hardware and software design of the interface to the background mode port. The second part covers the design of the host software and how it can be used for application software development, and product testing.

ESC_1991_Vol1_Page5_Baker – Programming the 80960.pdf

Embedded Systems Conference 1991 Proceedings

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