Instrumentation software decodes PictBridge, PTP, MTP traffic -

Instrumentation software decodes PictBridge, PTP, MTP traffic

Chestnut Ridge, New York—Test-and-measurement vendor LeCroy Corp . is adding a product called USB 2.3 Software for use with the company's line of USB (Universal Serial Bus) protocol analyzers. The latest USB 2.3 Software executables improves support for PTP (Picture Transfer Protocol), and now supports PictBridge and MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) as well.

The software is available to the company's existing customers as a software update. Because the software can be used with LeCroy's USB development tools, you get a familiar interface so you can more quickly find errors in PictBridge, PTP, and MTP protocol traffic.

Common Tools

Common trigger, search, and reporting tools also make viewing and understanding data traffic easier, simplifying the analysis of projects using digital media transfer technologies.

The Supported Standards

A word about the various standards. PictBridge is a Camera and Imaging Products Association standard that permits images stored on a memory card in a digital camera to be printed from any printer, without the need for a computer.

For its part, PTP was developed to enable the transfer of digital images from cameras to other digital media devices. MTP, a PIMA (Photographic and Imaging Manufacturers Association) ISO 15740 standard, is an extension to PTP. It was developed by Microsoft to permit a large assortment of digital media content to be shared between different media devices.

The USB 2.3 Software is now available for immediate download.

For more details contact LeCroy Corp., Customer Care Center, 700 Chestnut Ridge Rd., Chestnut Ridge, New York 10977. Phone: 800-453-2769 or 845-425-2000. Fax: 845-425-8967. E-mail:

LeCroy , 845-425-2000,

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