Integrate WiMAX IP into your design -

Integrate WiMAX IP into your design

Morpho Technologies introduced an integrated WiMAX system solution that's aimed at the emerging WiMAX-enabled mobile device market, including handsets, notebook PCs, portable audio, gaming devices. This licensable hardware and software IP solution gives semiconductor vendors a quicker and lower-risk entry into the WiMAX market.

The integrated 802.16e system solution is comprised of the MS2 PHY communications engine, MT 802.16e SoftPhy software, and MT 802.16e MAC software. The reconfigurable MS2 communications engine enables adaptive algorithm selection (AAS), which can adapt the physical layer algorithms based on channel conditions, providing adaptive performance superior to traditional device architectures. Thanks to the platform's reconfigurability, manufacturers using the solution can track and incorporate evolving standards quickly and add new features easily.

The solution is based on an upfront licensing model, with pricing subject to customer volumes and application requirements. It will be available in July. For more information, visit

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