Integrated drivers ease stepper motor design -

Integrated drivers ease stepper motor design


Trinamic Motion Control GmbH & Co. KG has introduced two new driver products that offer complete solutions for driving and controlling high-power stepper motors. The TMCM-1278 smart stepper motor driver module combines a motion controller and driver in a single module designed for NEMA 23/24 motors. The PD60/86-1278 PANdrive is a full mechatronic solution, including a motion controller/driver module and PANdrive smart stepper motor, that mounts the module on a NEMA 24/34 PANdrive motor.

Controlled by a CAN bus interface, both scalable driver solutions support Trinamic’s own TMCL firmware and CANopen for greater flexibility. Thanks to their scalability, requiring a minimum amount of assembly and programming, both products can be added or swapped without changing the system design.

Trinamic’s PD6086-1278

The driver solutions are encased in a special housing that make them suited for lab automation, manufacturing and factory automation, robotics, and CNC machines, which require high-power stepper motors providing up to 9 A RMS with a supply voltage of 12.48 VDC. The PANdrive versions (PD86-3-1278) offer up to 7.0 Nm torque.

Trinamic’s TMCM-1278

The stepper motor drivers incorporate the company’s unique features, including StealthChop for silent operation at low speeds and standstill and SpreadCycle for operation at higher speeds to ensure that even the larger NEMA 34 motors operate as quietly and precisely as possible. They also come with the integrated SixPoint ramp generator and microstepping.

The TMCM-1278 standalone module and the PD60-4H-1278 and PD86-3-1278 PANdrive smart motor solutions are available now through Trinamic’s distribution channels.

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