Integrated graphics and imaging platform -

Integrated graphics and imaging platform


Dy4 Systems' Cornerstone is an imaging platform whichintegrates two high-performance graphics controllers, CPU, PMCexpansion and X11/OpenGL software on a single VME-based ruggedizedcard.

Designed for a range of display applications in mission-criticalmilitary vehicles such as ground vehicles and combat and surveillanceaircraft, the board can be used to capture and display multiplesources of video with synthetic symbology overlays such as in targettracking and identification, moving-map displays and formulti-function flight instrumentation.

Its two completely independent image/graphics channels allow dualdisplays to be driven from a single module. A range of standardanalog and digital graphics I/O modes is available. Custom graphicsI/O is also supported through the a FPGA. Connectivity is eased byonboard Ethernet, USB, serial and digital I/O interfaces. Based onMotorola's PowerPC7410 with Altivec technology, the board integratesdual independent Permedia graphics accelerators.

Published in Embedded Systems (Europe) September 2002

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