Integrated IC combines USB, IR, and flash memory -

Integrated IC combines USB, IR, and flash memory


Remote control capabilities are being facilitated by SMSC's introduction of the USB2232 USB-to-Infrared and 15-in-1 flash media card reader with integrated consumer infrared (CIR) controller. The USB2232 extends the company's existing family by adding remote control of digital media devices, enhancing ease-of-use for consumers when interfacing with products such as media PCs and multifunction printers.

Designers can choose to implement the IR receiver in a computer monitor, where a user is more likely to point a remote control device, as opposed to the computer itself, which might rest out of the user's sight line. The USB2232's integration of both infrared and flash media in one package that uses only one USB connection makes for easy design, while reducing design time and cost. In addition, the USB2232 utilizes the standardized Human Interface Device (HID) interface in enabling its CIR functionality, which reduces software complexity. Samples of the USB2232 with external ROM are available today with production quantities available in November. Pricing is $5.80 per unit in quantities of 10,000. Additional information is available at

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