Integrated phone system uses eXtremeDB -

Integrated phone system uses eXtremeDB


LONDON — IP Trade based in Angleur, Belgium has chosen McObject’s eXtremeDB in-memory embedded database for real-time data management in its Profile trading turret, which integrates voice, data, video, collaboration, voice-to-text, contact management and other features into an IP-based phone system that lends a technological edge in fast-paced, information-intensive securities trading.

Within the Profile turret device, McObject’s database runs on the Microsoft Windows XP Embedded operating system. eXtremeDB manages end-user profiles that include large phone contact and shortcut lists, call history logs, security profiles and other data that must be accessed in real-time in order for users to trade competitively.

Integrating McObject’s eXtremeDB instead of developing real-time database code from scratch saved six programmer-months in developing the trading turret, according to Vincent Zander, head of development for IP Trade.

“eXtremeDB’s indexing capabilities, transactional support, and concurrent access control eliminated the difficult task of developing a data management layer to provide turret end-users with all required options to visualize and organize their trading environments,” said, Zander.

IP Trade chose Microsoft Windows XP Embedded as the Profile trading turret’s embedded operating system and it provides support for USB to connect many optional devices.

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