Integrated RF synthesizers improve on phase noise -

Integrated RF synthesizers improve on phase noise


STMicroelectronics has unveiled a pair of integrated RF synthesizers with embedded voltage-controlled oscillators (VCOs), featuring low integrated phase noise and large band coverage. With available output frequency above 3.0 GHz, the STW81101 and STW81102 meet the demand of equipment makers for space and cost-efficient solutions in radio applications from cellular base stations to satellite communications and CATV equipment.

Targeted at a wide range of radio-transceiver applications from cellular network infrastructure to point-to-point radio, cable TV, and satellite systems, offer outstanding suppression of random frequency fluctuations in a signal to provide more design margin. The low phase noise also satisfies the stringent requirements of system manufacturers for minimized bit-error rates in voice and data transmission.

The combination of embedded VCOs with automatic center-frequency calibration and multiple output options allows the devices to operate in multiple bands, over a wide spectrum, from 750 MHz up to 4.65 GHz. Instead of using a dedicated device for each frequency range, equipment suppliers can fit any multi-band radio application, such as a quad-band base station transceiver, with a single synthesizer. Moreover, the parts can handle applications operating in 3- and 4-GHz bands, such as WiFi and WiMAX base stations or Fixed Wireless Radio Links.

Pin-to-pin compatible with its predecessor (STW81100), the STW81101 and STW81102 synthesizers are supplied in QFN-28 lead-free packages. The evaluation kits include an evaluation board, the STWPLLSim software for PLL filter design and noise simulation, the programming GUI, and guidelines for application board design. Both devices sell for $3 in volume. Datasheets are at and

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