Integrated tool kit speeds coding for configurable processors -

Integrated tool kit speeds coding for configurable processors


San Jose, Calif.— The MetaWare Development Toolkit from ARC International includes new releases of that company's MetaWare C/C++ compiler and debugger, as well as an Eclipse-based integrated development environment (IDE), all aimed at ARC's line of 32-bit configurable CPU and DSP cores for system-on-chip (SoC) designs.

Key features of the MetaWare Development Toolkit include a source management tool, context-sensitive help, support for project collaboration, and a construction tool kit with examples.

The IDE includes extensions and plug-ins that integrate the compiler and the debugger, thus melding coding, building, and debugging software into one environment and obviating the need to toggle among the different tools. The IDE also lets you add other tools if needed.

ARC International's configurable processors for SoC designs, which strive to strike an optimal balance of speed, power dissipation, and area, are said to be smaller, more power efficient, and less expensive than fixed architecture processors.

For example, the configurable technology lets you define custom extensions to accelerate critical code, increasing the computational efficiency of your application. ARC cores also offer powerful DSP instruction extensions, which can eliminate external logic and DSP blocks.

The MetaWare Development Toolkit is available now for Microsoft Windows and Red Hat Linux platforms. Solaris compatible platforms will be available in Q4 of this year. Prices start at $5,495.

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