Integrated WiMAX SoC modular base stations -

Integrated WiMAX SoC modular base stations

Using the MB87M3400 integrated WiMAX system-on-chip (SoC), designers can build modular base and subscriber stations according to the IEEE802.16-2004 standard. Aimed at connecting metro area network users with fixed broadband connectivity, the SoC enables deployment in licensed or license-exempt bands below 11GHz. The MB87M3400, developed by Fujitsu Microelectronics America, uses an OFDM 256 (orthogonal frequency division multiplexing) PHY that supports channels from 1.75 to 20 MHz, and can operate in TDD or FDD modes, with support for all available channel bandwidths. A programmable frequency selection generates the sample clock for any desired bandwidth. When applying 64QAM modulation in a 20-MHz channel and using all 192 sub-carriers, the SoC's data rate can go up to 75 Mbits/s. Uplink sub-channelization is also supported. The WiMAX SoC incorporates radio control and all required analog circuits. To ensure security, the MB87M3400 uses DES/AES/CCM encryption/decryption engines for the 802.16 MAC privacy sub-layer. The chip also includes a memory controller, an Ethernet engine for interfacing to the network, and high-performance DAC/ADC for flexible baseband interface. According to the company, the part can play a significant role in the European market in the licensed 3.5-GHz band. For more information, go to

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