Integrity improves security and HA -

Integrity improves security and HA


Version 4.0 of Green Hills Software's Integrity royalty-free, real-time operating system (RTOS) is for use in high-availability embedded applications that required added security, reliability, real-time performance and testability.

The RTOS now supports PowerPC, ARM, MIPS, and Xscale processors and has full memory protection and guaranteed resource availability. It provides sub-200ns interrupt response and sub-microsecond context switching (as measured on a 233MHz processor).

The RTOS provides maximum responsiveness and determinism by running with interrupts continuously enabled and guaranteeing access to the CPU and memory for critical tasks. Version 4.0 provides a high-availability API, advanced multi-chassis, multitasking/multiprocessor debugging, and full kernel awareness.

The new graphical ResourceAnalyzer provides visibility into applications and the kernel as they execute on the target system.

It displays CPU execution at the task and address space level, stack usage for tasks, and memory use for address spaces. The host-based analyzer displays this information both as a snapshot and historical view of CPU time and memory use.

The enhanced real-time EventAnalyzer logs and monitors system and application events in real time without disrupting program execution. Operating like a high-level logic analyzer, it displays all Integrity context switches, API calls, interrupts and specified user events in a time-relative format using intuitive icons.

To simplify the debugging of multiple programs running on multiple boards in a multiple-chassis system, a debug agent (IDB) has been added to enable the Multi debugger to communicate with all Integrity target boards using a single Ethernet connection from the host computer. Version 4.0 also supports intra-chassis communications via TCP/IP over VME and cPCI.

Version 4.0 also adds a number of significant I/O, file system, and networking enhancements and options, including an OHCI/UHCI USB stack with associated mouse, keyboard, hub and audio drivers, as well as drivers for CompactPCI and VMEbus backplane communications (shared memory and TCP/IP), I2C, and a variety of real-time clocks and timers.

The Motorola's CPX8216 CompactPCI chassis high-availability package supports hot swap for non-system-slot CPUs and board insert/extract notification. It also supports dynamic domain acquisition, dynamic PCI resource management, and provides a robust set of high-availability and chassis-management APIs for application control.

Integrity provides a full Network File System (NFS) client as well as a Unix Fast File System (FFS) implementation. This implementation supports hard disks (IDE and EIDE), CD-R and CD-RW drives, RAM disk, compact flash, and disk-on-a-chip, complete with APIs for POSIX, C++ iostreams, and C standard I/O.

Networking support options include a BSD TCP/IP stack, Gigabit Ethernet, and the full line of Trillium communications protocols, including SS7, ATM, ISDN, Frame Relay, MPLS, VoIP, and 3G wireless.

* GE Aircraft Engines (GEAE), a division of General ElectricCompany is using Green Hills Software's Multi development tools to build the world's most powerful jet aircraft engine.

Multi and its optimizing C compiler will help develop engine control software for the GE90-115B engine, which is rated to produce an 115,000 pounds of thrust. The GE90-115B will be used to power Boeing's long-range 777-200LR and 777-300ER twin-engine aircraft.

The tools were used to develop the engine control software, which runs on a PowerPC processor in the Full-AuthorityDigital Engine Control which controls the temperature, speed, airflow and fuel flow of the engine.

Published in Embedded Systems (Europe) May 2002

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