Intel debuts next-generation Atom CPUs -

Intel debuts next-generation Atom CPUs


Santa Clara, Ca.Intel Corp. this week introduced its newest dual core Atop processor SoC, codenamed “Clovertrail,” which it expects to be used in as many as a dozen tablet computers and smartphones in coming months.

Companies such as Acer, Asustek, Dell, Hewlett-Packard, Lenovo, Samsung and ZTE are expected to show a mix of tablets and ultrabooks that can be converted into tablets, all using the chip.

The 32 nm Clover Trail will have twice the CPU and graphics performance of the single-core Atom chips in its current 1.6-GHz, 32-nm Medfield platform.

It will come in two versions – one with data rates of about 1.8 GHz focused on Window 8 tablets and another hitting 2 GHz targeted at Android smartphones. The two chips are expected to use different PowerVR processor cores. The tablets are not likely to ship until Microsoft formally releases Win 8 in late October.

The next big upgrade for the Atom will be next year, when Intel is expected to announce Bay Trail, the first mobile Atom SoC made in its 22-nm process with tri-gate transistors.

At its developer forum earlier this year, Intel executives said six companies have announced smartphones using the current Medfield. It showed the phones using up to 2 Gbytes low power DDR2 memory hitting respectable scores on a variety of Java, Linpack and browser benchmarks, generally below the Apple iPhone 4S and above the Samsung Galaxy II.

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