Intel has plans for Quark CPU in wearable devices -

Intel has plans for Quark CPU in wearable devices


LAS VEGAS — Intel CEO Brian Krzanich outlined a vision for a wearable world at Monday's pre-CES keynote, the cornerstone of which centers on a SD-sized computing module.

“We asked why aren't wearables everywhere, what's holding back wearables in this markeplace? We realized they don't integrate all the features we want… and they're not solving real problems,” Krzanich said. “We fixed that by making everything smart.”

Intel hopes the next generation of smart, wearable devices will be powered by Edison, its 22mm Quark-based computer housed in a SD card form factor. Available in the middle of 2014, Krzanich said he believes Edison will “enable rapid innovation and product development.”

Krzanich demonstrated a smart headseat called Jarvis, powered by Edison, which allows users to interact with their phones without touching. Wolfram language and matematica on Edison enables Jarvis to respond intelligently and interrupt politely.

Edison also powered a smart charging bowl, a smart watch with geo-fencing technology and no tethering, smart earbuds, and a nursery 2.0., where Krzanich demonstrated a “smart turtle onesie” that tunes into a baby’s mood, breathing, and temperature, and reports back to tired parents — on their smart coffee cups.

The general-purpose platform is open-sourced, supports Linux, and has built-in WiFi and Bluetooth LE. The ultra-low-power Edison also will connect to an online app store.

Intel will partner with Barneys, the Council Fashion Designers of America, and Opening Ceremony to work on wrist-worn watches. To further encourage innovation, Krzanich announced the Make It Wearable contest for innovative wearable design, with $1.3 million in prizes and the chance to network with Intel officials and industry luminaries.

“As we go through the year, you’re going to see more and more partnerships as we develop more of these technologies,” he said.

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