Intel i7-based VME SBC targets rugged environment upgrades -

Intel i7-based VME SBC targets rugged environment upgrades

The 6U VME64 S/DVME-1908 is the latest member of Curtiss-Wright’s family of Intel Core processor-based SBCs. The S/DVME-1908 is the company's first SBC designed with the new quad-core 4th generation Intel Core i7-4700EQ processor, delivering a combination of ruggedization, high performance, and affordability.

The new SBC is targeted for upgrading legacy systems based on older processor technology, contemporary SBCs that require higher levels of ruggedization, and SWaP-C-constrained legacy systems on demanding fielded applications, from unmanned aerial and ground vehicles, tactical aircraft, and armored vehicles to rugged naval systems. The SVME/DMV-1908 features typical power dissipation rated at 50-60W.

The S/DMV-1908 is designed for handling applications with demanding storage, data logging and sensor processing requirements. Its contemporary high-speed DDR3 memory subsystem connects directly to the Intel chipset to maximize the powerful Intel Advanced Vector Extensions 2.0 floating point processing units on the Intel Core i7 processor. The processor’s L3 cache enables it to process larger vectors at peak rates than was previously possible with earlier processor technologies. Standard memory on the SBC includes 8GB of FLASH and up to 16GB of SDRAM.

The S/DMV-1908’s comprehensive range of I/O includes dual XMC/ PMC mezzanine module sites to support system expansion via either the newest or legacy daughter cards. Additionally, the board provides a host of standard I/O including Gigabit Ethernet, RS232/422, GPIO, DVI, SATA, USB, and Audio.

To maximize compatibility with earlier SBCs, the S/DVME-1908 provides an equivalent complement of I/O to that featured in earlier generations of Curtiss-Wright Intel, PowerPC and Power Architecture SBCs. It also has optional pin-out modes for backplane compatibility. For example, the S/DVME-1908 eases the upgrade of systems based on the legacy VME/DMV-179, SVME/DMV-181, SVME/DMV-182 and SVME/DMV-183 SBCs.

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