Intel opens research lab in Cambridge -

Intel opens research lab in Cambridge


Intel has opened a laboratory in Cambridge, UK, where company researchers and Cambridge University staff will collaborate on open research projects covering the convergence of computing and communications.

Intel Research Cambridge will provide facilities for 20 to 25 Intel scientists and an equal number of university faculty, graduate students, and visiting researchers. The lab will be directed by Dr. Derek 'Mac' McAuley, an affiliated lecturer at Computer Laboratory, University of Cambridge, and founding member of the Microsoft and Marconi research labs in Cambridge.

It will initially focus on developing networking, systems, and software technologies to enable new types of distributed systems. This will include fundamental networking research, from mathematical modeling of network traffic to emerging technologies such as optical switching.

David Tennenhouse, vice president, Intel Corporate Technology Group, and director of Research, said, “The Intel Research Cambridge laboratory supports our vision of Proactive Computing, a world where millions of tiny wireless devices, embedded throughout the environment, work together to anticipate our needs and proactively act on our behalf. For these billions of networked devices to positively impact the way we live, work, learn, and play, we need to understand how they should be designed and organized. This will require a cross-disciplinary investigation, involving extensive prototyping of networked systems and applications in a variety of settings.”

The Cambridge lab joins three other Intel labs at universities in Seattle, Berkeley, and Pittsburgh to make up the Intel Research Network.

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