Intel ships enterprise-class solid-state drives -

Intel ships enterprise-class solid-state drives


Santa Clara, Calif.—Intel Corp. has begun shipping its highest-performing solid-state drive (SSD), the Intel X-25E Extreme SATA Solid-State Drive, aimed at server, workstation and storage systems.

Unlike mechanical drives, the SSDs contain no moving parts and instead feature 50nm single-level cell (SLC) NAND flash memory technology. Systems equipped with these drives will not suffer from the performance bottlenecks associated with conventional drives. By reducing the total infrastructure, cooling and energy costs, SSDs can lower total cost of ownership for enterprise applications by more than five times.

The Intel X25-E increases server, workstation and storage system performance by 100 times over hard disk drives as measured in Input/Output Per Second (IOPS), today's key storage performance metric, according to Intel.

The product was designed for intense computing workloads, which benefit primarily from high random read and write performance, as measured in IOPS. Key technical performance specifications of the 32-Gbyte Intel X-25E SATA SSD include 35,000 IOPS (4KB Random Read), 3,300 IOPS (4KB Random Write) and 75 microsecond read latency. This performance, combined with low active power of 2.4 watts, delivers up to 14,000 IOPS per watt.

The product also achieves up to 250-Mbyte/s sequential read speeds and up to 170-Mbyte/s sequential write speeds, all in a 2.5-inch form factor.

The 32-Gbyte capacity drive is in production and priced at $695 for quantities up to 1,000. The 64-Gbyte version is expected to sample in the fourth quarter with production estimated for the first quarter of 2009.

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