Intellect condemns EU patent decision -

Intellect condemns EU patent decision

LONDON — Intellect, the trade association for the UK hi-tech industry, is ‘dismayed’ over the decision of the European Council to defer the adoption of the Common Position on the proposed EU Directive on the Patentability of Computer-implemented Inventions (CII). See EU software patent measure stalls.

John Higgins, Intellect's director general, said, “Intellect cannot understand how the EU Council has managed to overlook the negative impact this lengthy, drawn out legislative process is having on the European Union, and within it the UK's, ability to incentivise and protect innovation.”

“The Directive on Patentability of Computer-implemented inventions has the potential to shape the future of the UK's hi-tech sector. Without it the UK's individual inventors, SMEs and large multinationals, will be unable to protect their inventions, undermining the incentives to undertake R&D, and creating a climate adverse to technology transfer. This is a situation which will put UK businesses at a distinct disadvantage within the global knowledge-driven economy, and one which Intellect and its members are determined to avoid.”

Intellect has called on the EU Council “to put an end to this uncertainty, and to commit to a harmonised and reasonable approach to patent protection for computer-implemented inventions in Europe which maintains the current level of protection available to innovators. If Europe is to meet its Lisbon Agenda objectives then EU policy makers must do all they can to boost innovation and competitiveness. Adoption of the Common Position is a critical step in this process, and one which should not be delayed for a moment longer.”

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