Intel's Parallel Studio under the microscope -

Intel’s Parallel Studio under the microscope

LONDON — The first in the series of quarterly market alerts from Evans Data Corp. examines Intel's recently released Parallel Studio which brings parallel programming into the mainstream Windows environment by providing multi-threading tools for Visual Studio users.

Parallel Studio provides a C/C++ compiler with pre-threaded libraries that developers can use right out of the box, plus a performance analyzer, and a debugger with memory and thread error checker. It works with Visual Studio 2005 and 2008 so developers can start parallel programming for Windows.

“This is a highly strategic move for Intel,” said Janel Garvin, founder of Evans Data. “Multicore processors are a current reality for most computer users, but multi-threaded applications that take advantage of their capabilities are a rarity ” mostly because of the complexity of writing them. Intel has suddenly shifted the software development landscape with the release of tools that allow the large universe of Visual Studio users to exploit the performance and scaling opportunities inherent in multicore processors.”

The first Evans Data Market Alert includes data from the most recent Evans Data Global Development Survey of over 1200 developers.

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